Commercial Partnership with NuEnergen


BOSTON — EnergyHawk, a market leader in estimating the energy profiles for over 250K facilities using satellite imagery & machine learning, announced today that it will be partnering with NuEnergen to accelerate Demand Response engagement in the C&I markets.

Demand Response is a program which pays commercial and industrial facilities to reduce electricity during peak times on the grid. By partnering with EnergyHawk, NuEnergen will get access to thousands of the largest energy profiles across North America, allowing their sales team to quickly identify operational flexibility in these buildings at scale.

Grid interconnections like PJM, NYISO & ConEdison have immense potential to build a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) through load flexibility amongst their largest customers, in addition to allowing these businesses to get paid for their participation.

“Power grid operators are constantly looking for new ways to ensure the stability of the power grid. Through NuEnergen’s Demand Response program, you receive payments for being on stand-by to lower your energy usage when the power grid is stressed and at risk of failure.”

Following their investment from Techstars last fall, the EnergyHawk team has secured a number of new DER customers and strategic data partnerships, fueling more accurate facility analysis and a more hopeful future for distributed energy adoption at scale.