Day One

We think about day one a lot at EnergyHawk.

In fact, our whole premise is to give energy organizations the tools they need in order to be successful on day one. Decentralization of the utility grid requires markets to operate efficiently, and in our eyes that starts with our customers being empowered to efficiently find, locate, and connect with their ideal customers.

Distributed Energy Resources, whether they deliver battery storage, demand response, efficiency software, energy supply, or solar options, all start on day one asking the same question - Who are our customers? Where are our customers? Who should we call? Day One matters because it sets the tone for the organization’s Go To Market strategy.

We created EnergyHawk because, quite frankly, the market told us to. We manually used satellite imagery to source clients in our previous roles, and had great success. We would scour industrial parks assessing rooftop characteristics, facility size, utility zone, all in an effort to put together a profile of the energy consumption at the facility. We thought if we can automate the process, do the heavy lifting and productize the experience with unique building level energy characteristics, our jobs would have been much easier. And as a result, we could have spent more time focusing on what we love – talking to customers about our product.

Our goal is to create a world where third party energy organizations experience accelerated growth using a digital map of the largest C&I electricity consumers that exist. Suppliers, battery storage companies, solar providers, demand response companies, and energy efficiency companies are able to expedite their prospecting process using our map based platform to search, sort, and filter for the type of client best suited for their product.

It is go time. For us, and for you.

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