Techstars EnergyTech Investment


BOSTON — EnergyHawk, a global leader of satellite powered energy assessments, announced today that it has secured an early investment from Techstars following their acceptance into the Alabama EnergyTech Accelerator. EnergyHawk is a satellite powered lead generation solution designed to accelerate the growth of the energy industry. With a database of the largest Commercial & Industrial facilities in North America, EnergyHawk’s ‘Energy Assessments’, are designed to help bridge the gap between third party energy companies and customer energy data. The Techstars EnergyTech Accelerator is the first Techstars program to focus exclusively on energy and cleantech startups.

As the energy industry continues its transition to a clean and more sustainable grid, utilities are relying on third party distributed energy resources to help bring about this transition. However, a consistent problem these companies face is locating and identifying qualified commercial and industrial customers with the correct load profile to take advantage of their product offerings. EnergyHawk was founded by John Wells and Erik Roth to address this specific problem. The online platform allows customers to efficiently locate and view assessed kWh consumption, Demand (kW), and load profiles of C&I businesses.

EnergyHawk’s mission is to accelerate the growth of distributed energy solutions. If organizations are able to quickly find customers with sufficient kWh consumption and immediately understand the financial opportunity, this will result in more rapid growth and product adoption. Distributed energy solutions typically fall into two categories — either they spend an enormous amount of resources prospecting and identifying qualified customers in new sales territories, or they lack go-to market resources. EnergyHawk’s platform is designed to reduce those costs, create a level playing field, democratize access and understanding to customer data, shortcut the process of identifying opportunities, and unlock revenue and savings for both energy companies and their customers.

EnergyHawk is based out of Boston, Massachusetts.

If you would like more information, please contact John Wells or Erik Roth at 508–517–5104 or