Strategic Data Partnership


BOSTON — EnergyHawk, a global provider of satellite powered energy assessments, has acquired partnerships with a variety of new energy companies this January, giving a unique edge to clean tech sales teams in 2021. These companies, range from battery storage, solar, energy retail & HVAC retrofitting, and represent a market of both new and existing energy enterprises looking for a data driven solution to identifying C&I opportunities.

Earlier in December, the EnergyHawk team formed a strategic data partnership with a investor owned utility, increasing their accuracy of estimating energy load profiles across 300+ North American industries. In a world where energy data is nearly impossible to acquire at scale, the partnership directly supports the success of EnergyHawk’s customers, who often need as much information as possible about a given facility’s energy footprint. Currently, the EnergyHawk Platform offers Monthly kWh estimations, Demand (kW) estimations, Utility Zone, Facility Square Footage, Business Data, and most recently — the contact information associated with ‘energy decision makers’ onsite at each facility.

“Our platform takes a sales driven perspective on lead generation for companies advancing the energy transition. We’re constantly learning from our customers about new data points that are crucial to how DER and third-party energy companies do business and maximize revenue.” — John Wells, CEO

In Q1 & Q2, EnergyHawk plans to continue to engage new customers, increase their portfolio of C&I Energy Assessments, and make a number of new hires to their sales and engineering teams.

“We measure our success on the success of our customers.”